Discovery Gospel Choir

Discovery Gospel Choir

Discovery Gospel Choir is Ireland’s leading multi-cultural choir, singing songs of hope from all over the world. They are a community of like minded people who want to participate in integration, who respect and encourage interfaith dialogue – all through the power of music. Through music, the choir shares their languages and cultures, creating a safe space for people to share their stories, develop their talents, and always be met with respect and love.

The choirs membership currently spans 21 different nationalities, and they sing in over 35 different languages. Gospel Rising Music Festival is delighted to be bringing the wonderful Justine Nantale (one of the founding members and previous musical director of the choir, and singer with Rhythm Africana and Yankari Afrobeat) and Micheal Chanda (longstanding Discovery member and co-founder of Barefeet theatre company in Zambia) to facilitate a workshop at the 2019 festival.

It’s going to be amazing! The choirs motto is “Discovery Beauty in Everyone”, and everywhere they go, they share their vision of a modern, diverse Ireland through vibrant performances. Come be part of their amazing story.

Discovery Gospel Choir’s Workshop:

Choral Workshop – Ethnically Diverse Gospel

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