Guide to booking Weekender Tickets 2020

A Weekender Ticket is the best value ticket to the Gospel Rising Music Festival experience. If you’re new to the festival, here’s a quick guide to what’s involved in booking your Weekender Ticket.

1. Check out the list of workshops

A full list of the workshops are available here and you can get to know this year’s fantastic facilitators here. We’ve got something for everyone whether you’re in a choir or not.

2. Decide which workshops you’d like to attend

Workshops take place over all three days but Saturday is when the core of our workshops take place. We’ve got a guide to the Saturday workshops right here. Everyone gets to choose to attend one workshop in each of the three Saturday sessions. You are allowed to book a place in JUST ONE soloist/small group workshop. This is to allow as many people as possible a shot at attending these popular workshops.

3. Book your ticket!

Once you’ve decided on your workshops, start the ticket-buying process! Scroll down or click here to book your tickets on If there are any workshops you cannot attend, just select the ‘Not Attending‘ from the list of options. Once you have paid for your ticket you will receive a confirmation email with your chosen workshops listed within it.

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