Tickets 2020

There are a range of tickets available for the festival. The best value ticket is the all-inclusive Festival Weekender Ticket (details below) but there are also individual workshop tickets (scroll down) available if you can’t make it to the full day on Saturday.

Festival Weekender Tickets

The full weekend festival ticket is the best value ticket you can get. Check out our guide to booking weekender tickets here.

Tickets cannot be refunded so please select your workshops carefully when booking.

Early bird tickets priced at €65 (ex. fees) are available for an limited time. From Tuesday April 14th, weekend tickets will be priced at €75 (ex. fees). Any questions or problems, please email us at

Individual workshop tickets

If you can’t make the entire festival, but hope to attend 1 or 2 workshops only, following our Early Bird Ticket Sale, which ends on the 13th April we will release a limited amount of tickets available for the individual workshops on Friday and Saturday.

When booking a Festival Weekender Pass, please remember, you can only book one soloist/small group workshop. This is a policy which we introduced over the years to give as many people as possible the opportunity to have access to these master-class style workshops.

Scroll down in the box below to find all available ticket options for the Gospel Rising Music Festival

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