Gospel Rising Music Festival

Dublin May 17th – 19th 2019

Music, workshops & fun for everyone!

Choral Workshop: African Gospel Roots

Gospel music has its roots in the black oral tradition is a type of gospel music which has a really unique feel, tempo and timbre.

African gospel typically uses a great deal of repetition which originally allowed those who could not read music the opportunity to participate in the music during worship making it a truly inclusive form of musicianship. It is also the basis of the ‘call and response‘ technique which is now used right across the genres of modern gospel music. Singing together as part of worship was used in African churches to strengthen communal bonds.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to feel this sense of community whilst gaining some great repertoire to bring back to your choirs to really get them singing and feeling together.

Facilitator: David Idioh

David Idioh

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