Gospel Rising Music Festival

Dublin May 17th – 19th 2019

Music, workshops & fun for everyone!

Choral Workshop: Shout Gospel

Moises grew up being involved in musical liturgy in his church at home. In 1995 his connection with this music moved to another level when he attended the Brooklyn Tabernacle in New York and absolutely connected with their style, for its potential and message.

He says that this journey was a turning point, where he improved his arrangements, compositions and dug deeply into the liturgical music which helped him to bring it to a general, global and universal area, not marked by the rituals or dogmas of faith, but only by the power of music, by the universal language of love and of common sense, humanity and solidarity.

This workshop will look at how we can dig down into the music we sing in order to really connect with its story.

Facilitator: Moises Sala

Moises Sala

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