Gospel Rising Music Festival

Galway May 12th – 14th 2017

Music, workshops & fun for everyone!


Facilitator: Karen Barrett

Choreography can play a significant part in choral groups. It adds another dimension to a performance giving it life, energy and personality.  The key issue is to learn what works for your group.  If movement doesn’t add to the performance, then it can take away from the song and the message you are trying to deliver.

Movement should be appropriate for the song, relatively simple to learn, and easy to do while singing.  And if they are to be performed in church, body popping & girations won’t be on the agenda.

In this workshop you will learn some relatively simple but effective movements for your choir that can be incorporated in to different songs, and will be taught to a gospel soundtrack and we might even work in a few harmonies while we are at it 🙂


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