Friday: Director’s Meetup

Friday 17th May 8.30pm – 10.00pm

Upstairs, Bleecker Street Café, Dorset Street

Every year during the course of the festival we like to bring together all the choir directors and coordinators to have a good chin wag.

Each year at the Gospel Rising Music Festival new groups attend, and it’s a great chance for those leaders and also the familiar faces to come together to spend some time together, to put faces to names and emails, and share similar challenges and experiences each group have had.

This is an informal evening where Gospel Rising will facilitate a bit of chat and debate and open a space for those in the leadership of groups and choirs to openly discuss their time as a director/coordinator. Yes it is running at the same time as the Opening Group Workshop (5mins around the corner in The Abbey Presbyterian Church, Parnell St), but choir members will be busy at that event, and this is your time with your peers. Our session will be upstairs in the lovely Bleecker Street Café on Dorset St, which is also where we have arranged for all the participants from the Opening Group Workshop to head for after for a night of socialising (so you’ll be reunited there!).

This session is open to all choir directors and coordinators/administrators (only), you do not have to to be attending the whole weekend of the Gospel Rising Music Festival to attend.

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