Gospel Rising Music Festival

Dublin May 17th – 19th 2019

Music, workshops & fun for everyone!

Rhythm Workshop: Funky Drums

One definition of music is ‘the creative organisation of sound‘. Rhythm is right at the centre of this organisation.

We can feel the beat deep in our bones, but when there is so much going on in a piece of music sometimes its easy to loose our connection with this base. This workshop is designed to get you back in into your rhythmic vibe. Brian will use a series of different types of drums and body percussion to get you really interacting with the music. Singing with a gospel choir has many challenges. You need to remember your words, your lines, dance moves… the list goes on.

This workshop will give you back your love of rhythm and once you’ve got that down you can really delve into the music and make magic.

Facilitator: Brian (Rags) Ferguson

Brian Rags Ferguson

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