Small Group Workshop: Choir Voicing

For centuries conductors have been exhorting choristers to listen to each other and blend. Alas, this is easier said than done. However, a special technique known as Choir Voicing addresses this problem in a very simple way. The aim of the technique is to establish the optimum blend for any given group of singers.

The Choir Voicing workshop is a presentation held in an entertaining and collaborative atmosphere where the technique is demonstrated and explained using the attendees at the workshop. All that is required is for choristers to change places! The difference such a simple movement can make to the overall sound of a group has to be heard to be believed.

One of the country’s leading musicians, conductor David Brophy, has said of this technique “Having attended this absorbing presentation I’m fully convinced that all choirs should investigate the potential benefits of utilising this subtle and mysterious technique – they will be surprised at the results!”

Presented by Dr Kevin O’Carroll, this demonstration has proved to be very popular with both national and international choirs. In fact, it has been so popular that a presentation of the workshop has been requested at Cork Choral Festival every year since the first presentation in 2012. For his work in this area, Kevin has on occasion been referred to as the ‘Choir Whisperer’!

Applying the Choir Voicing technique is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve the overall sound of a choir – whether that be a concert choir, a school choir or a Gospel.

Come see the magic at work!

Facilitator: Kevin O’Carroll

Dr Kevin O'Carroll

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