Small Group Workshop: Choral Improvisation

Explore the unpredictable world of choral improvisation.  This workshop will actively engage participants to create new harmonies and rhythmic layers through collaboration and improvisation.

Improvisation within a choral setting may be unusual but allows people to really engage with the music as they are challenged to make their own musical decisions.

In this workshop you will learn techniques for creating music in the moment, including: free improvisation, improvisation with rules (recognising and building on technical patterns in music such as rhythm, form, tone-sets, harmony, phrasing, etc), the history of how choral and group improvisation has been approached in the past and how we can combine improvisation with pre-composed music harmonisation, form, fills/breaks, solos).

This will be an exciting workshop which will push you out of your comfort zone. Be brave.

Facilitator: Sam Kavanagh

Sam Kavanagh

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