Eimear Crehan

Eimear Crehan is a performer, creativity coach and choir director with extensive experience.

Eimear Crehan


The founder and director of SpeakUp SingOut Music School in Kildare, Eimear works full time with music and adores her work. With boundless energy, a great outlook on life and never-ending enthusiasm, Eimear knows how to get the most out of the people she works with.

Currently directing 11 choirs as well as touring her own music around Ireland with artists such as Mary Coughlan and Jack L, Eimear knows the music industry well and is able to share that knowledge and information with singers to help them get the most out of their voices as well as their careers. Eimear has designed unique coaching programs to help people understand their creativity and their relationship with music and their voices.

This year’s work includes being a main facilitator at European Vocal Camp in Poland as well as facilitating all over Ireland. Eimear cant wait to return to Gospel Rising and is looking forward to working with as many of you as possible!

Workshops lead by Eimear:

Soloist workshop: Soloist Let’s Go!

Choral workshop: Music for Power and Change

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