Choral workshop: Interpretation of a Song

Understanding a pop song helps you create a memorable and honest performance.

During the workshop we’ll create stories behind a range of songs to interpret them, looking at lyrics for clues. We will then look at how we can tell the story through facial expressions and body language, using mirroring in pairs and wordless story-telling. Finally we will look at different vocal techniques to add the correct emotion to the melody line of the song, for example sob, twang, different onsets.

By the end of the workshop you’ll have discovered how to give a memorable and honest performance of your song. The workshop will look at the genre of popular choral music – one that is often misunderstood and undervalued. We will use a simple piece as a focus for the workshop and discuss how choirs can perform this music in an exciting way and produce an interesting interpretation.

We will focus on communication – with one another and, crucially, with an audience. Honest expression is key when we perform and we will discuss and learn about how we can ‘sing from our souls’. Getting the balance right between technical accuracy and communicative expression is key. Audiences will always forgive a wrong note – they will never forgive a lack of energy, passion and commitment!

Slot: Workshop session 3, Saturday 15:30 – 17:15

Meet your facilitator: Rachel Walker Mason

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