Small group workshop: The Male Voice


Ruaidhrí Ó Dálaigh Saturday workshops at Gospel Rising Music Festival 2022

In most choirs men are in a major minority.  This is a workshop just for our boys!

This workshop will give space to explore how the male voice sounds when it’s not being overrun by an avalanche of female sound.  The workshop will get you to really listen to the voices around you and the different resonances, timbres and dynamics available to the male voice which allows them to sound beautiful and not just shouty. 

But it’s not all work!  The workshop will also get you exploring your place in a choirs performance, looking at  how you can bring fun and energy to the stage (you might even end up dancing!).

Slot: Workshop session 2, Saturday 11:45 – 13:30

Meet your facilitator: Ruaidhrí Ó Dálaigh


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