Soloist Workshop: Let’s Get Soloing! – A practical workshop in vocal improvisation

Pia Dunne Saturday workshops at Gospel Rising Music Festival 2022

In this very practical workshop, I will bring you through a series of tools, exercises and methods to improve your improvisation and give you the confidence to solo.

You will learn to improvise over major modes and vamps. Use the blues scale, arpeggios, chord tones and passing notes to create your own riffs and runs and build your improvising vocabulary. And most importantly, learn how to trust your ear and find “safe notes” so that you can really go for it!

We will work together as a choir to give each of you opportunities to try out improvising as we progress through a series of useful, fun and interactive exercises. Join me, let’s get soloing!

Slot: Workshop session 1, 09:30 – 11:15

Facilitator: Pia Dunne

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