Soloist workshop: Soloists Let’s Go!

Eimear Crehan Saturday workshops at Gospel Rising Music Festival 2022

What is a soloist?  Well technically as soon as you are singing by yourself in the car or the shower you are a soloist but perhaps that definition and experience is something you want to work on.

Maybe it’s time to explore that further and extend your courage! Whatever your experience of solo singing, there is always a next step and a place to go with that experience. Together with renowned creativity coach Eimear Crehan we will explore the idea of solo singing, take the next step together and understand the soloist’s journey.

We will look at stage fright, performance anxiety, how to manage your feelings and how to be present when we sing. With a wealth of performance experience and an understanding of fear and stage fright from the inside out, Eimear will safely guide you through this workshop and you will leave with lots of tips, strategies and long term after affects. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Slot: Workshop session 3, Saturday 15:30 – 17:15

Meet your facilitator: Eimear Crehan

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